We caught sight of a donkey as we started off, prophetic of the day ahead. It would be a day of contrasting emotions, ending like that of the donkey, head bowed, just moving on, lumbering along its journey in humility.

20150827_095750We head towards the town where hope was born. We leave the desert joyful in expectations. We sing carols as we enter the little town of Bethlehem. We enter under the roof of the place where our Saviour was born, by bending low to get through the Door of Humility.IMG_0278

We went out to the fields surrounding this cave just to feel the privilege the shepherds must have felt on that first Christmas night; the first ones called to adore Him. Our spirits sang joyfully in the Chapel of the Angels giving glory to the Most High.

IMG_0300 IMG_0292 IMG_0303 IMG_0321

We enter Jerusalem. The city is busy, the pace of life picks up. There are distractions. Holy sites come one after another. But this is also typical of our personal spiritual journey as we head towards our spiritual Jerusalem.

We ascended Mount Olives to stand on the ground Jesus last stood on this earth at the shrine of the Ascension. This was the place of his last footstep. We came to follow in his steps and from here on we must follow in his spiritual footsteps. There is a reverence about this place especially when we hear that He will be with us till the end of time.

IMG_0331 IMG_0338 IMG_0359 IMG_0353 IMG_0364

       IMG_0384 IMG_0381 IMG_0391 IMG_0418

We recite the most meaningful Our Father for a long time at the Pater Noster. We descend lower to Dominus Flevit. We share Jesus’ sorrow as he wept over this city, prophetic as her troubles has continued from then till now. The sight of the city from this vantage point provoked the response, “O, Jerusalem!”



We visit the Garden of Gethsemane at the Church of All Nations and celebrated mass with a heavier heart in the Grotto of the Betrayal of Judas. Here was also the grotto where the disciples were found asleep as Jesus prayed. Can we do better than the disciples?

IMG_0478 IMG_0449 IMG_0469

We visit the Tomb of Mary to end a contrasting day when joy and sorrow co-existed. We retraced the spiritual footsteps we have taken in our life and find ourselves in need of direction, affirmation, healing, reconciliations, encouragement, empowerment, assurances to take our next spiritual step.

It was a day of humility, humbled to be here, humbled by his birth and death. Heads bowed we try to take our next spiritual step; that of humility.


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