IMG_1159IMG_1160IMG_1161IMG_1162Today is a day of thanksgiving. We have indeed received many blessings and graces on this pilgrimage. We have experienced the Bible in a dimension privileged only for those who come to Holy Land. At the sites and in our sights, through the voice and person of Fr Angelo, from the open sharing of this group, through the people we met and in the silence of our personal reflection, we have heard His footsteps. We have encountered Him.



We visit Yad Vashem to remember the victims of the Holocaust. We visit the Israeli Museum to view the Dead Sea Scrolls. 

We go fittingly to Emmaus. A lot had happened to us over the last 8 days. We have a conversation with our inner self. We quietly ask our inner self, what is happening and what are we to do with this experience? We have come to follow in his steps, where are his footsteps leading us to? Do we want to continue following? 

IMG_1194We celebrate our last mass in Holy Land in a chapel at St Peter’s Church, Jaffa. This is also the home of Fr Angelo. From here he gave us blessings for our journey home. Yet our spirit do not want to leave. The Holy Land is home to our spirit. But we must go as we are sent to continue to live the life given personally to each of us. We will continue to walk the path of our life but now with renewed hope, strength and courage. We must allow the life we live to proclaim the Good News. 

We have come to follow is his steps but from today we walk on, knowing that his footsteps follow ours.




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