13th September 2015, at Sr. Mel’s

IMG_0855 (3)

His were the footsteps we followed. Here we are again, gathered one last time as a pilgrim group, to retrace the footsteps we took. As we looked back, there is a persuasive longing in our hearts to return. We had been wonderfully blessed; our hearts filled with graces to help us walk our journeys ahead.

IMG_0583There is something somewhat different about our faith since we returned. The Word is alive in a very different dimension. As we listened to the Word proclaimed, our spirit wandered into the sites cited. We had been there and this new sense has allowed the Word to penetrate deeper into our senses. Our imagination stirred, and we resolve to dwell deeper into scripture, to study and reflect, and walk the history to its origin, to the time of Adam and Eve. The footsteps we followed had linked for us the Old and the New.

“I believe that I shall see the good things of the Lord in the land of the living” – (Psalm 27:13)

IMG_0547And so we did, abundantly so. Unfolding before us, in the land where he walked, we embraced the unconditional love of the Father, coming home in resolve to love as He did; to pass on this love we have encountered in our privileged life, to allow love to flow through us, so that others will be privileged too.

IMG_0844It is time for us to make a difference, to call for a transformation within ourselves. Graces received will be graces preserved and nurtured. A changed life will be a fitting tribute to the land of the living. A land where we found forgiveness, the time when we wandered away will no longer come back to haunt us.

IMG_0933It is a time for us to make a difference to the people we will meet on life’s journey, to accept each for who they are. For here on this land are a people in conflict simply because we cannot accept each for who we are.

IMG_0995And so we will now walk on, journeying beyond our Emmaus; the Breaking of Bread now personally significant, the Mass now alive in us. Even though we have not found all the answers to our life’s puzzles, we are graced with patience to take each step in hope and anticipation.

One day our steps will return to tap again on graces preserved in ancient stones.



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